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Neat - Conference room

NEAT is synonymous with innovation. Technology has reshaped meeting rooms, and we have brought this ground-breaking concept to Swedish companies. The collaboration between Split Visions and NEAT has placed us at the forefront of industry development, giving our customers the opportunity to transform their meeting rooms into technologically advanced and efficient workplaces with the help of AI.

This partnership is not just a union of two companies.
It's a fusion of expertise and capabilities that delivers results. We're here to set a new standard in video communication, and we're ready to take you on this epic journey.

Neat: Innovative Leadership in Video Communication

With a focus on technology and ease of use, Neat has created products that exceed the standard for video conferencing. Every camera, microphone and speaker is precisely designed to deliver outstanding audio and video quality, providing a seamless and impressive meeting experience.
Our shared vision of efficient and accessible meetings drives our collaboration forward. By choosing Neat and Split Visions, you not only get access to advanced technology, but also the power of partnership to shape the future of your company's communications.

Neat's products are engineered to deliver outstanding sound and image quality, ensuring that every meeting is as close to a physical presence as possible.

Crystal clear communication

Neat prioritizes ease of use, making their products intuitive and easy to use. This reduces technical barriers and allows users to focus on the meeting instead of the technology.

Simple User Experience

As an industry leader, Neat constantly invests in technological research and development. This means that their products are always at the forefront of the latest innovations in video communication.

Technological Innovation

Neat's solutions are known for their reliability and operational reliability. By minimizing technical problems and maximizing performance, Neat creates a stable and secure platform for effective digital meetings.

Operational reliability and reliability

Neat Bar is not just a video conferencing solution – it's your key to transforming traditional meeting rooms into dynamic and collaborative arenas. By integrating advanced technology and smart features, Neat Bar creates a unique meeting experience that takes interaction and productivity to a whole new level.

Revolutionizing the Potential of the Meeting Room

Splitvisions - Neat bar - meeting room

At the center of Neat Bar's design is the user. With an intuitive user experience that prioritizes simplicity and accessibility, every meeting participant can enjoy smooth and efficient meetings. Neat Bar is more than just technology – it's a user-friendly toolbox that lets your team focus on collaboration, not technical obstacles.

User-centered Innovation

Splitvisions - Neat bar - meeting room

Neat Bar takes flexibility to a new level, tailored to meet every meeting room and company's needs. Whether it's a brainstorming session in a smaller room or a global conference in a larger venue, Neat Bar provides the versatility and adaptability required to create an impressive meeting environment. With Neat Bar, every meeting becomes an opportunity to flourish and develop.

Flexibility for All Meeting Needs

Splitvisions - Neat bar - meeting room

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NEAT Devices - Split visions
Split vision - Zoom

Our partnership with Zoom positions Split Visions as a leading player in meeting room technologies. Together, we work to shape the workplaces of the future by offering innovative and high-performance solutions for digital communication. This is part of our endeavor to create elegant and technologically sophisticated meeting environments for our customers.

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The partnership between Split Visions and OfficeRnd aims to promote effective collaboration and resource efficiency. By combining our respective areas of expertise, we create a comprehensive solution that facilitates the management of workspaces and meeting rooms.

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By partnering with Microsoft Teams, we strive to offer our customers seamless integration and a unified experience for digital meetings. This means that our customers can take advantage of Microsoft Teams' extensive collaboration and communication capabilities along with Split Vision's customized meeting room solutions. The result is an optimal platform for modern workplaces.

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